So it’s come to this…

I’ve decided to buy a LEGO NXT kit with my own money.  Partly so I can play more, partly as a gift to my team so that we can transition.  Problem: the kits are $250 (and I don’t think that even includes shipping).  Solution: eBay!  Problem: the kits on eBay are being snapped up for well over $200 a piece, plus about $15-20 shipping… where’s the savings?  My max bid is $180, and I’ve now been outbid on four different kits.  Apparently I’m not the only robotics coach looking for a deal…



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3 responses to “So it’s come to this…

  1. Have you tried ensipe? Do lots of searches and try to find sets that are poorly listed (spelled something wrong or something) so that they don’t show up in many searches — those are where you’ll get your best deals. Good luck!

  2. I’m sure you’ve thought of this already but . . . Donors Choose?

  3. I’ve got a basement cluttered with goodies. Email me with what you need.

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