Genocide Resolution

There’s been a lot of attention in the news lately to the resolution about the Armenian genocide in Turkey.  I have to admit, my gut feeling is that I would rather have my representatives dealing with genocide that is happening today, or resolving the mess in Iraq, or expanding health care for kids, or protecting the environment, than condemning something that happened nearly 100 years ago.  Which is not to deny that a terrible thing happened in Turkey; it’s just that flat condemnation by the US doesn’t seem likely to improve anything.  Regardless, it is past time for Turkey to grow up, lose some defensiveness, accept that one’s ancestors (or one’s neighbors’ ancestors) can have done something awful and that you can look at it and learn from it without losing your sense of identity or your national pride.  Hell, if for no other reason, do it so the world gets off your back.  Because terrible things are happening now and we need to be able to move on from past hatreds to prevent future ones.

With luck, this post will have only offended 99% of interested parties.  And please don’t quote selectively; if you wanna quote from this, use the whole thing.


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