A woman of a certain age.

I can think of nothing more boring than whining about one’s age.  I mean, get on with it, already.  There’s nothing any of us can do to stop getting older.  But boy, oh boy have recent events kicked off an early-mid-life, late-quarter-life crisis which I wasn’t having nor planning to have a month ago.  The cusp of thirty didn’t seem like that big a deal to me.  It still doesn’t, intellectually.

But I will confess: I sat on the A-train last night at 11:30 pm, completely exhausted and wanting nothing more than to crawl into my warm bed with a book.  As I listened to music and absentmindedly watched the other people, I realized that the two guys opposite me, pink-cheeked and 22ish, were perhaps looking across the aisle and seeing a 30ish woman, me.  When did this happen?!  Granted, it’s not like I see those kids as my peers — but I don’t feel far removed from them.

Addition to the list of things I’m angry about: transferring YOUR mid-life crisis to me.



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3 responses to “A woman of a certain age.

  1. R

    A story for you… One night, about 20 years ago now, when I was 30-ish, I was having dinner with some somewhat younger colleagues, still in graduate school. One mentioned that he’d gone on a couple of dates with a freshman woman. And boy, did I feel old, and slightly desperate, to be hanging out with guys who were dating women more than 10 years younger than me.

    But, life is strange, and a few years later I married the same guy who’d given me such a turn when he mentioned dating freshmen…

  2. Whine away. It’s something all of us relate to.

  3. MARY

    a.) you look nothing even close to your age, I’m sure many people would till think you were in HS
    b.) you have just reached the peak of your potential as a runner(now’s the time to run a marathon)
    c.) I truly believe you are only as old as you think you are 🙂

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