Insect Dreams

On Wednesday, first period, a student opened his bag on a table in my classroom and two huge cockroaches skittered out.

On Wednesday, last period, a few students shrieked at the sight of a bug on the floor.  “It’s a bedbug!” one shouted.  I didn’t see it, can’t confirm it, and am not squeamish, but bedbugs terrify me.  I am not going to burn all my belongings because a child shares his or her infestation with my classroom.  It probably wasn’t a bedbug.  But still.

On Thursday, during our team meeting, someone saw a bug on a table in my room.  “What’s that?”  I jumped a little.  Really, I’m not squeamish.  It was just a fly.  Felt a little silly.  But after the roaches and the possible bedbug…

Friday morning, 3 am, I wake up with a start.  I can hear the 8th grade dean telling me in no uncertain terms that my cat has both fleas and bedbugs and is going to give them to me.  I can almost feel the creepy-crawlies in my bed.  I kick my purring cat off my bed and fall back into fitful slumber.


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  1. I hear bedbugs are making a resurgence in Gotham. Arkadasim in Queens has them. And can’t get rid of them.

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