Two truths (but no lies)

1. You know your new gym routine hasn’t quite taken hold when you realize you haven’t brought any sneakers.  *sigh*

2. It’s a lot easier being a third-year robotics coach than a first year coach!  Today was our first day, and it went really, really well.  We did an overview for an hour, introduced the program, talked about all the different stuff we have to do to prepare for the tournament, and then we opened the Challenge Kit.  But instead of just ripping the packages open and dumping them in a tray, I had the kids sort the pieces into plastic cups based on color and, roughly, size.  Then I handed out mission instructions to pairs of kids, based on difficulty of the building and experience of the student.  They worked pretty slowly, but Thursday will easily build on what we accomplished today.  Yay for not being brand new!


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  1. hi! i jus am getting started in robotics! could you guide me through the process? i’d be very thankful! 🙂

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