More on TFA

For a clearheaded look at the impact of TFA, check out this post by Eduwonkette. I’m eager to see the results of the McAdam study that she mentions. I also think I’ll check out his book.

P.S. I found the Fordham Fellows blog through Eduwonkette.  Maybe I’m just perennially restless, maybe I’m more restless than usual right now, but I kind of want to be a Fordham Fellow.  They get to meet education leaders and potentially influence policy, all in a setting where they have time to really research and think about the issues, rather than just spouting off like I do here.  But if I were to apply, get accepted, and quit teaching in NYC for a four-month fellowship, I wouldn’t be able to work in NYC for two years!  Now that’s a conundrum.  Also, I don’t really want to live in DC.



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4 responses to “More on TFA

  1. Julie

    FYI, the Fordham Foundation is a pretty conservative think tank in D.C. For more of an idea of what they’re all about, I’d subscribe to their weekly e-newsletter “The Gadfly.” I used to get that and read it when I felt in the mood to be pissed off.

  2. ms. v

    Thanks, yo! 😉

    And double thanks for the heads-up, Julie. I definitely didn’t know. But the idea of spending a few months just thinking about ed policy sounds good. Maybe there’s another fellowship similar to this one out there?

  3. Julie

    Hmm … A friend of mine did the Education Pioneers fellowship last summer ( in NYC and enjoyed it. If you were able to go down to DC for a summer there are lots of progressive think tanks down there that work on education policy …

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