To the person searching for “ms. frizzle picture”…

here ya go. I would totally wear this dress, by the way. Although possibly not in this particular assortment of colors. But I do love things with drawings of insects on them – more than I like real insects, in fact.

This is the silly post that follows the night of no sleep that preceded the day the sixth graders got comfortable enough to show us exactly how immature they really are (M. likes T. and calls him “boo” and therefore they can’t work together, X. is shooting rubberbands slyly until the floor is sprinkled with them, A. and J. are cursing at each other so quietly I can’t hear either of them, K. says absolutely everything that pops into his head and has earned the monicker “endless stream of trash-talk,” the list… it goes on and on). It’s enough to turn your hair orange!

If you wanna make me an insect dress, I wouldn’t say no.

PS. Don’t be offended by the cake.  It was all in good fun, for a bachelorette party.



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3 responses to “To the person searching for “ms. frizzle picture”…

  1. and I’ve been putting insect stickers on tests all day. Ran out before I could give you any to jazz up the old housecoat.

    (seriously, by the way. The glittery caterpillars are the most coveted)


  2. And a damned good cake it was, too!

  3. thanks for the idea!

    I went as Ms Frizzle teaching grammar for Halloween last year (photo on my blog–I’m a college English teacher and writer)

    This year I think I’ll have my son put foam animal stickers all over a classic 50s taffeta dress when we go trick or treating and to a party later! I’ve already did my hair orange ready to go up and friz away!

    (btw, you get a million hits on this again this year? I am too)

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