This is what we mean by collaboration…

The NYC FOSS wiki is starting to take off, along with an email discussion among those of us who were in training together about how the program is working in our classrooms.  The consensus seems to be that the students are underprepared in many areas – math, science, and reading – and that while we are dealing with it, this significantly slows down the pace of the kits.  Anyway, I’ve posted a few more hand-outs on the wiki, and also a few by another teacher who hasn’t set up his own wiki ID yet.  So, if you’re an NYC 6th grade science teacher, or you know one, or you know a teacher using FOSS elsewhere, take a look and join the fun!

PS. No one yet has tried to create an identity and post stuff except me, so I don’t yet know whether the system works… if someone wants to be a guinea pig, the instructions for joining are on the homepage of the wiki.  Leave me a comment about whether or not they work, please!


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  1. pakigranny

    yipppeeeee….I’ve been waiting! Thanks for coming back! Really looking forward to your writing!

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