The need for equilibrium…

Tomorrow commences the first full week of school.  In the meantime, the contrast between my weekdays – waking up at 6, working from 7:30 to 5-something, coming home, doing a handful of personal things like cooking dinner, laundry, and the like, and then winding down the day with another hour or two of work – could not be in starker contrast to my weekends – waking up incredibly late after nights out with friends, days that begin in the afternoon, irregular mealtimes, schoolwork scattered here and there throughout.  It’s all leaving me a little unsettled.  I love the time with friends.  I could do with a little less partying but I think I’ve got one more weekend of that and then things will chill out quite a bit.  I’m easily influenced by whom I hang out with – a late-nighter with the late-nighters, quite sedate with the sedate.  Since I know both types, I end up feeling really lame around the first, and totally over-the-top around the second.  This is not an identity crisis typical of 29 years of age!  But soon there will be a schedule during the week and something a bit more like a routine for the weekends.  It just takes time for the pendulum to find its swing.


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