That Friday feeling…

By Friday afternoon, you’re ready to either go straight to your bathtub for a long soak or head out with friends to let off some steam.  Really, it’s a coin flip to decide which you want more.  Your brain has been switched on at such a high level of focus, necessary for the choreography, the fire-fighting, the performing that you do in the classroom, that adrenalin and who-knows-what other brain chemicals are still flooding your neurons.  But as you let the kids out the door and shoo them towards home, another part of your brain relaxes and lets go… and you end up a weird and not very socially-adapted mixture of totally wired and completely spaced-out.  Ahhh, Fridays.  And then people want to go out.  If they’re teachers, they’re just as turned on and tuned out as you are, which makes for a fabulous happy hour chatter about kids alternating with long silences when you suspect people might be taking twenty-second catnaps right there at the bar… and if they aren’t teachers, you have to find some way to seem like a normal person who can make conversation about things of interest to the over-twelve set and maybe even stay up past midnight.

Possibly the bubble bath would have been the right way to go…


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