A few thoughts on the first week of school…

1. It’s good to be back. Really good. It’s renewed-commitment-to-kids-in-the-Bronx good to be back. I wouldn’t trade what I do for the cushiest teaching job in the world.

2. That said, ohmigod, my feet hurt! I got used to having breaks throughout the day… no more. Yoga is a pipe dream this week. Actually, everything that isn’t work is a pipe dream.

3. Hats: sixth grade science teacher, sixth grade team leader, science department chair, unofficial motivator of teachers to use our school email system, robotics coach. And, oh yeah, I’m teaching this new thing called CMSP, which stands for Comprehensive Math & Science Program, and is a supplement to Impact. A four hour a week supplement. The idea is to have the kids Regents-ready at the start of 8th grade.

4. FOSS kits! The city of NY is providing a curriculum for all 6th grade students this year (as part of a larger phase-in of a K-8 science curriculum). We’ve got brand-spanking-new materials on Levers & Pulleys, and I’m fresh off of a week of paid PD. While a little tweaking may turn out to be necessary, my first impression of FOSS is that it’s exactly how I like to teach, only they’ve done all the work for me! More – much more – on this later.


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  1. They need good number sense, but that should already be there. Unafraid of fractions. Comfortable with “variable.” Good with number operations on negative numbers.

    The rest (they will probably try to cheat – the program, not the kids – by squeezing in algebra a year early) that’s not so important. I teach similar kids algebra….

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